Ransarcreek -95

This are us at Ransarcreek lower rapids summer -95.
Us, are me, Andreas, and Peter. Thomas, also a member of the troup, joined us later, at Dourranjaure (Saxcreek fountainlakes). He stayed at home and got married instead, wiseguy!

We arrived second week after midsummer, which was much too early.
The birchleaves wasn't even sprung and the week before there was snowfall. We went by car to Ransarluspen, then by boat across Ransaren. At nights the temperature went well below zero (C) and it grew ice in the rodrings. Coldest night was -10 °C. Fishing was lousy and we had a hard time catching enough to eat. Anyway biggest trout was about 0,9 kg.
We went to Dourranjaure after 4 days at Ransarcreek to look for better fishing and met up with Thomas and wife, Erika at Saxnäs, so we could go on together up in the mountains, What we didn't thought of were, that this were even higher and thereby even earlier before summer. The nature is beautiful but the fishing was zilch. We met some fishermen who came wandering from inside the mountains and they had made the same experience as we had...too cold and no fish.
After two days we breaked camp and went downhill to Marscreek. When we passed Klimpfjäll we learnt that the mosquitos had arrived ther the night before and when we camped at Marscreek there was no doubt about that, whatsoever....but the fishing was allright!

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